Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?

It all depends on your individual needs, but in any event, we provide premium, Wall Street-level services for a fraction of what you’d pay an investment bank. Our services provide you with first-class assistance but cost significantly less. 

What does your process look like?

We offer affordable, high-tech services from skilled financial professionals. Every solution we propose is customized to your unique personal needs and wants, goals, and risk tolerance. We’ll also make informed suggestions that include options you may have overlooked.

To have a better understanding of the process, watch the video for:


How long does the process take?

It all depends on the services you need. Generally, we’re able to move with considerable agility. 

Can you offer expedited solutions?

Absolutely. We can offer expedited to ensure that you’re able to meet any reasonable timeline demands that you may have. However, note that an additional fee applies for expedited services.

How much time will I need to invest in this?

We strive to minimize the amount of time required of you. All of our services are based on leaving you as free as possible to attend to the day-to-day operation of your business while we handle your fundraising/investing needs. On average, our clients only need to invest between three and five hours total, excluding time spent on scheduled calls regarding the project.

What if I need to make changes?

We offer up to two free revisions within 15 days of the project being finalized. If you require additional changes beyond that, we can offer them as an add-on service.

Will I be able to edit the documents?

We always supply documents in a fully editable format, such as XLSX or PPTX.

Do you guarantee that I’ll be satisfied?

We are proud to retain a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of nearly 100%. We’re committed to overdelivering and exceeding your expectations. Our process has been refined to reduce hurdles and improve quality - our agreements are scoped to empower our clients to provide feedback - and you can always request additional revisions if necessary (all modesty aside, though, we usually get things right on the first go).

To see what our clients say about us, visit our reviews page.

I wasn’t happy with the last company I hired. How will you improve over that experience?

We get it. There are tons of companies and freelancers out there, all claiming they know what they’re doing. There are also fly-by-night companies that will do little more than taking your money and leave you holding the bag. We’re different - one way to clearly see that is to look at our team or feedback. Our staff of professionals has decades of experience under its collective belt and continually seeks to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Do you guarantee I’ll be able to raise funds?

No, we cannot completely guarantee that your fundraising will be successful. We can influence, but we can’t totally control investors. Even licensed broker-dealers and the largest investment banks can’t guarantee your fundraising success unless they’ve committed to buying your securities themselves. However, if your fundraising isn’t completely successful, it won’t be because of a problem with our deliverables. We are firmly committed to doing absolutely everything possible to make your fundraising more than successful. We aim to do such an outstanding job of presenting your business that investors will be fighting for the privilege of funding your growth.

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